The costs and benefits of Bribing

We registered a flat with a very reputed builder in Devanahalli, Bangalore last week. After we confirmed the registration date with the Builder, we received the communication (over phone) about Rs. 16,000/- that we were to carry in cash on the day of the registration.

We refused to pay any bribe and interestingly were immediately made to feel like trouble makers. There was several weeks of back and forth with the CRM manager of the builder on the issue; where we noticed the warmth in their communication with us progressively decline as we stuck to our stand. We were told that everyone pays, our registration will be held up at the registrar office and we were on our own if don’t pay. Two days before the registration they emailed to say that our registration would have to be postponed (on some trivial pretext).

We pressed on as parents had travelled from Delhi for the registration. We arrived at the registrar office on the day with the builder and another family that had paid what it called speed money. Their registration went through and we were made to wait an extra hour after which we were asked again if we would pay. We refused and they registered our flat. That’s it. An hour is all that the speed money could have bought us.

The cost of corruption has been calculated by people much more qualified than me but I felt the cost that day as I watched many poor villagers line the pan stained corridors – intimidated, unsure and relying on the brokers who would have extracted every penny possible from them. The poor and uneducated have no choice to say no to speed money because those of us who have the choice do not exercise it.

#hownotpayabribe #registerpropertywithoutpayingbribe #myexperimentswithhonesty


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